Introducing ConferMED Live!

Primary care providers can now refer patients to connect directly with a specialist who can observe and assess the patient and discuss their medical concerns over video – live.

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    How ConferMED Works

    consult is transmitted to the ConferMED platform

    Primary care provider submits a consult the same way they always do

    Specialist sends the consult back within the PCP's EHR

    sends referral back to the PCP within 2 business days

    No extra steps for providers We manage the entire eConsult process and provide seamless integration into existing workflows and EHRs.

    Cost Savings

    In our most recent eConsult study published in HealthAffairs, we found:

    $82 Savings PMPM
    69% of consults could
    be resolved virtually

    Rapid Specialist Response

    More than 60% of PCPs receive the specialist’s response – including treatment and management advice – in the same day

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    Minimal Workflow Disruption

    ConferMED integrates seamlessly into any EHR using existing referral workflows

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    Enhanced Patient Experience

    eConsults improve access to specialty care and reduce unnecessary travel, lost work time, and duplicative tests and procedures.

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    Why ConferMED?

    We Get Primary Care

    Developed and operated by practicing primary care providers, ConferMED was built from the ground up on nearly 50 years of primary care experience in the FQHC setting.

    About ConferMED

    Board Certified Specialists

    Access our national network of specialists in adult and pediatric fields with board certification in their specialty or subspecialty and in-state licensing when needed.

    About Weitzman Institute

    Supported By Experts

    ConferMED users have access to an exclusive learning community with Advanced Primary Care ECHO, which brings together PCPs & specialists who use case-based learning to address common challenges & questions.

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    What our Clients & Providers Say

    “The eConsult service provides timely, reliable access to our patients and removes many of the barriers patients face when accessing specialty care.”

    - Micheal Young, VP Operations, East Region, Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic

    “In the case of dermatology, eConsults have essentially leveled the playing field between Medicaid and private insurance in terms of convenience, access and expertise. Consults that used to take months, if ever, with difficult commutes for patients, now occur in the space of days, over the phone, in the primary care clinic, or, if necessary, at the specialty clinic. It’s a game changer for sure.”

    - Andrew Yim, CHC, Adult Nurse Practitioner, MPH

    “Using eConsults has improved my effectiveness in managing complex medical conditions for our patients with a timely turnaround and with so little effort- the patient never has to travel or worry about cost. It has allowed me to provide access to specialty care that may otherwise not be financially feasible for the patient- and they love that I can treat them in the office or simply with a phone call. I use it often, and the results have been amazing.”

    - Elizabeth Dmowski, FNP-BC

    “Timely access to specialty consults is a challenge in many of our communities. eConsults not only provide a high quality, thorough and helpful electronic “curbside consult”, but allow patients to remain in the care of their primary care team a significant majority of the time. We have found it to be an invaluable additional tool in our care for our patients and community.”

    - Noah Nesin, MD, FAAFP, VP of Medical Affairs, Penobscot Community Health Care