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The eConsult Network Built by Primary Care Clinicians

ConferMED puts its national network of hundreds of licensed, board certified specialists from 70+ medical areas within the reach of primary care providers across the country, all within the EHR.

Increase quality of care, lower cost, improve patient satisfaction, transform clinical practice, with ConferMED’s eConsult solution.

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eConsults within your workflow

Full EHR interoperability keeps care on track

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70+ Specialty Areas

The critical ConferMED difference is our growing roster of committed, expert, board-certified specialists.

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Built on 50 Years of Primary Care Expertise

ConferMED was developed by practicing primary care clinicians to address the challenges of obtaining specialty consultations and coordinating care with specialists.

About ConferMed

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The Supportive Network

Hundreds of licensed, board certified specialists from 70+ medical areas stand by ready to help primary care providers.

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Proven Cost Savings

$500,000 in Medicaid savings in one year

when a large community health center used ConferMED eConsults for four common specialties1

$82 PMPM savings using ConferMED eConsults

compared to face-to-face care2

$466 per person savings

with ConferMED Cardiology eConsult3

  1. Anderson D, Villagra V, Coman E, et al. Reduced Cost of Specialty Care Using eConsults for Medicaid Patients. Health Affairs 2018; 27 (12): 2031-2036
  2. Anderson D, Villagra V, Coman E, Zlateva I, Hutchinson A, Villagra J, Olayiwola, N. A Cost Effectiveness Analysis of Cardiology eConsults for Medicaid Patients. Am J Managed Care 2018; 24(1): e9-e16
  3. Olayiwola JN, Anderson D, Jepeal N, Aseltine R, Pickett C, Yan J, Zlateva I. Electronic Consultations to Improve the Primary Care-Specialty Care Interface for Cardiology in the Medically Underserved: A Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial. Ann Fam Med 2016; 14(2):133-140
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Ohio Diabetes Project

ConferMED is partnering with 7 Ohio Medicaid managed care plans and the Ohio Association of Community Health Centers to improve diabetes outcomes in the state. ConferMED’s endocrinologists are available to provide eConsult guidance to primary care providers working in health centers across the state to help them develop and implement evidence based, effective treatment plans to reduce complications from diabetes.


Maine eConsult Network

ConferMED was chosen as the eConsult vendor to build and support the Maine eConsult network. With funding from the Maine Department of Health and Human Services, health centers from across the state have been accepted into this statewide pilot program to receive eConsults from ConferMED’s Maine-licensed specialty care providers. The program features full interoperability with a range of electronic health record systems, implementation support, and a detailed quantitative and qualitative evaluation.

Quest Diagnostics Foundation

Quest for Health Equity

The Quest Diagnostics Foundation has put its full support towards a nationwide effort to reduce inequality in healthcare. As part of this effort, ConferMED was selected to receive over $2 million to provide access to eConsults to practices caring for over 1.6 million patients in Los Angeles County, Massachusetts, Illinois, Florida, Texas, Maryland, and Connecticut. Limited access to specialty care is a leading contributor to inequality. ConferMED’s eConsult solution is evidence proven to reduce inequality by providing access to specialty care expertise for primary care providers working in community health centers.

What Our Providers & Payers Say

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We have found it to be an invaluable additional tool in our care for our patients and community.
Noah Nesin, MD, FAAFP, VP of Medical Affairs, Penobscot Community Health Care
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With eConsults through ConferMed, our primary care providers are able to improve clinical outcomes in a timelier fashion.  EConsults save time for the patient and keeps the care at the health center.
Timothy Long, MD, Health Choice Network

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