August 2020

ConferMED and Diet ID Partnership Offers Robust Virtual Solutions to Address High Demand for Telehealth

COVID-19 has caused a rapid growth in telehealth, with 46 percent of Americans now using telehealth to replace in-person healthcare visits (1). In response to this growing trend, primary care practices are in need of virtual, effective tools to improve the patient experience. As a leader in eConsults, ConferMed has built a virtual care experience that is readily customized to help providers meet each patient’s unique needs.

To enhance their e-consult solution, ConferMed has launched Diet ID, a digital, image-based diet assessment tool that provides primary care practices with the ability to quickly assess a patient’s diet and develop a comprehensive nutrition and lifestyle plan that is personalized for each patient. The partnership empowers ConferMed with a leading-edge telehealth solution that boosts patient engagement and is reimbursable through Medicare and private insurance plans that cover Medical Nutrition Therapy.

Diet ID CEO and Founder, Dr. David Katz, commented, “We are thrilled to work with ConferMed – another pioneer paving the way for more personalized virtual healthcare interactions.”

ConferMed President, Dr. Daren Anderson commented, “This partnership helps further enhance our patient-centered telehealth platform for primary care and ensure that all patients can get the support and care that they need.

The ConferMed and Diet ID solution will launch this fall with several primary care practices throughout the United States. 

1- McKinsey COVID-19 Consumer Survey, April 27, 2020.