November 2021

ConferMED Expands its eConsult Specialty Care Network by 50 Percent

ConferMED, one of the nation’s leading eConsult companies, providing specialty electronic consultations in all 50 states, announces a major 50% expansion of its provider network. With 277 specialists across 42 disciplines, ConferMED is able to support practices nationwide looking to improve access and reduce the cost of specialty care.  

ConferMED eConsults address the growing challenge of limited access to specialty care and high costs when patients are referred to providers outside primary care. For practices focused on improving population health outcomes and value-based care measures, ConferMED’s specialists are able to quickly and accurately review cases, provide input and develop the optimal care plan for patients. This process improves chronic disease outcomes, reduces unnecessary emergency room visits and hospital admissions, and prevents long-term complications. ConferMED eConsults can support individual providers, care managers, and population health teams at the clinic or health system level.

According to Daren Anderson, MD, Founder and President of ConferMED, “Our specialists join ConferMED because they believe in the importance of our mission to improve access to specialists and they want to work directly with primary care providers to improve care for their patients. This significant expansion of our network allows us to support patients across the country, helping them get the care they need.”

Building and expanding the ConferMED network has focused on identifying experienced specialists interested in collaborating with primary care providers in a new way, sharing expertise and providing education and guidance via eConsults to support practices and improve patient outcomes.

ConferMED is compliant with all federal and individual state requirements and can work with practices, health systems, and payers in any state. ConferMED’s advanced interoperability tools make it easy to transmit clinical data between primary care and ConferMED specialists in a safe, secure manner from any location and any electronic health record system.