December 2023

ConferMED Participates in New Study Showing Promise that eConsults Can Reduce Health Care Costs and Increase Access to Specialty Care

Middletown, Conn., December 19, 2023

A new study adds to the growing evidence that eConsults can expand patient access to specialty care while reducing cost. ConferMED, a leading national eConsult service, participated in the design and implementation of this important project and was a major contributor of eConsults to patients and primary care providers described in the study.

The Peterson Center on Healthcare initiated Project Arkansas eConsultations (PARC) in a pilot program designed to test the ability of eConsults to expedite care, reduce cost, and enhance accessibility to specialty care for patients covered by commercial health insurance.

While various studies have demonstrated the benefits of eConsults in other settings, this was the first to assess their impact in a commercially insured patient population. The results will be helpful to both public and private payers seeking to improve patient outcomes, strengthen care coordination, and lower costs.

“We were incredibly excited to be a part of this important project, and pleased the results reflect what we have long known: With appropriate support for implementing sites, including provider and specialist training, eConsults can make specialty care more affordable to deliver and more accessible to patients,” according to Daren Anderson, MD, ConferMED President and Founder. “We were grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with outstanding and dedicated partners on this research project.”