March 2023 | Hartford Courant

ConferMED Performs 100,000th Specialty eConsult

Providing Specialty Care for Underserved Communities in 50 States

ConferMED, one of the nation’s leading eConsult telehealth companies, announces reaching a major milestone with the completion of its 100,000th eConsult.

Developed and run by experts in primary care delivery for the underserved, ConferMED was built on a foundation of more than 50 years of expertise in caring for disadvantaged and vulnerable communities. From its inception as a small, Federally Qualified Health Center-operated specialty eConsult service in 2015, to its emergence as a major, state-of-the-art force in telehealth, ConferMED has been committed to the premise that healthcare is a right, not a privilege.  It fulfills this mission by making high quality specialty care available to underserved patients across the country.

With nearly 300 specialists across all major adult and pediatric specialty care disciplines, ConferMED supports practices nationwide looking to improve access and reduce the cost of specialty care. ConferMED’s specialists quickly review cases, provide input to primary care providers, and develop the optimal care plan for patients. This process improves chronic disease outcomes, reduces unnecessary emergency room visits and hospital admissions, and prevents long-term complications.

Since 2022, ConferMED has been part of the Quest Diagnostics Foundation’s Quest for Health Equity initiative to provide specialty eConsults to Federally Qualified Health Centers located in Chicago, Boston, Miami, Houston, and Baltimore.  

According to Daren Anderson, MD, Founder and President of ConferMED, “This is an important day for ConferMED. We founded our company with a fervent belief in the importance of improving access to specialists in underserved communities. Our model has proven successful, and our ever-expanding network of specialists allows us to support patients across the country, helping them get the care they need. We look forward to serving the next 100,000 patients and helping build healthier communities.”

ConferMED is part of the Moses/Weitzman Health System.